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12 reports about 187-786-6888

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Integrity 19th Jul, 2011+0
Called more than 5 times within an hour. They scream and say something that doesnt sound like english
ag sand 18th Jul, 2011+0
Received yet another TXT at 4 AM stating "1111487799 : AT&T FREE MSG: AutoPay Enrollment Change Confirmation - conf #APCMAT########. Your change request has been processed." One main problem here: That's NOT my account number (I used #'s for the numbers on here) AND we did NOT change anything on our account or even pay our bill in the last few days, as it was paid 2 weeks ago. Sounds VERY fishy to me. Will be contacting AT&T directly asking them what's up, because this is clearly NOT for us and I'd like for the TXT's to STOP, especially when they are coming in between 2 AM and 6 AM CST! Also, TXTing them back does NOT work either, as I tried to send them a STOP message and it could not be sent to this number.
gris 15th Jul, 2011+0
Grrrr! 13th Jul, 2011+0
Sanjana 12th Jul, 2011+0
free stuff
Army 11th Jul, 2011+0
internet scam called saying there were charging pending against my for a payday loan.then called back asking for me and said there were charges pending against me also because he used me as a reference. I told him i was filing charges with the fcc and calling my lawyer and not to call again
Blake Vojtasek 9th Jul, 2011+0
I keep recieving calls from this number. No one ever answers. It is very frustrating. I would like for there to be some kind of message to the least to let me know why I am being called DAILY.
Rob Number 9th Jul, 2011+0
This number and similar ones are showing on my bill as "text messages". Can you trace who they are from?
nero 6th Jul, 2011+0
We get these messages too. Figured out it's Redbox sending the messages.
angmarie 5th Jul, 2011+0
This is the # they tell you to call back. The # they call from is unavailable. They want you to pay money for a loan you never had. They refuse to mail or fax you any info and insist on your debit card # or you will go to jail. They call my work and home numerous times a day telling me I am going to jail and I have to go to court but refuse to send me a summons. When you google the # many blogs come up from people going through the same thing. Some people have actually paid them money. They sound like they are from India and speak poor english with names like Steve Martin, John Jackson, etc... Please dont fall for this. I am thinking about going to the local news and making a big deal since no one else will!!
mox 3rd Jul, 2011+0
for travel discounts
nonies 2nd Jul, 2011+0
repeated calls at odd hours

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